Schöne Madonnen # Salzburg. Gussstein um 1400.

25. May 09:55 until 31. October 17:00

2 years ago

Schöne Madonnen # Salzburg. Gussstein um 1400.

In the year 1400 charming depictions of virgin Mary were very popular. She wore a dress, was crowned, held the naked Jesus in her arm and her body had a S – shape. This is the definition of a typical „Beautiful Madonna“.

Previously, sculptors preferred the “Pläner limestone” (from the Czech Republic) for their cast stone Madonnas. But in different regions, people use different materials – in Salzburg they used a local limestone mass.

In our exhibition are approximately 25 Beautiful Madonnas of the former Salzburg. This exposition is a community project of the national gallery of Prague in cooperation with the mining and gothic-museum Leogang.