Hüttwirt anno 1527

The old walls of the inn Hüttwirt could already tell some stories, because the first records go back to the year 1527. After countless investigations from the 1970s, it turned out that the historic inn counts among the oldest buildings in the region. Since 1934, the inn has been owned by the Pichler family, which continues to run it with great pride and commitment. After visiting the mining village of Hütten, the Hüttwirt is the perfect place to end the day. The food and beverage offer is characterized by the seasonal and regional conditions.

In the guest garden of the inn is the famous "Kaiserlinde", which is the first natural monument of Leogang, which was planted in 1898 on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the throne of Emperor Franz Joseph I. Soldiers then buried a bottle between their roots, with an inscribed dedication.

The already mentioned St. Anne's Chapel has been part of the venerable inn since 1904 and is the pride of the Pichler family. It is often used and provided for special occasions such as christenings and weddings.

Art has always been a high priority at the Hüttwirt. In all rooms are the works of the senior boss, whose special love of watercolor painting applies.

In the immediate vicinity of the museum
is the traditional inn

Hüttwirt Hüttwirt