• Saint Anne

    She is the mother of Marie and the grandmother of Jesus Christ and personifies the origin of the salvation history. 
    The connection between St. Anne and the mining industry is based on the medieval predilection for allegories. 

    Jesus get connected with the symbols sun and gold because he was “the light of the world”. As an antipole St. Anne is linkes with the moon and silver and moreover to the mining industry and the miners. 
    As a result the most popular depiction of St.Anne is the “Anna selbdritt” – a formation with Jesus Christ, Marie and St. Anne. This combination was quite common in the late gothic period, especially in the North of the Alps. 

    Saint Anne
  • Saint Barbara

    One of the most popular saints ist St.Barbara. She fled from her father out of a tower, a rock splits and hides her. Due to the shelter by the rock, she became the most important mining patron.

    Saint Barbara
  • Madonna in a Dress with Ears of Corn

    This subject is an iconographic rarity – it is from Salzburg and dates back to 1460! The oldest image of Mary in this style was donated in the year 1327 by German merchants to the  Cathedral of Milan.

    The silver statue was a model for later depictions.

    Madonna in a Dress with Ears of Corn
  • Lion Madonna

    This is a truly rare depiction of a Madonna onto a lion. This sculpture belongs to a selection of 6 other "Lion Madonnas" - you´ll find them at the National Museum of Munich, the Museum Bachschmiede Wals, the Louvre in Paris, the Bode Museum Berlin and last but not least at the Mining and goticmuseum Leogang.

    Madonna on a Lion